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Hi all, it’s Jason and Jess – we wanted to reach out and update you on where things stand with the Rock Tahoe Half Marathon. We’ve started getting some questions regarding cancelling or postponing the event due to the COVID-19 crisis. As of today, the current plan is to continue with the Rock Tahoe Half Marathon as scheduled on June 20, 2020.

Please know, we are actively monitoring the situation and are working on contingency plans if anything regarding the race needs to change. We know conditions are rapidly changing for everyone, and we will keep you informed on any race updates.

While Rock Tahoe is a big production, we are a very small family-owned event with just the two of us, and our families working and managing the entire operation. We are not a large corporation or event company. Jess is a full-time stay at home mom to her two young toddlers, and Jason is father to two teenage sons and is serving as the Mayor of South Lake Tahoe, which as you can imagine, is no easy task at the moment. We ask you to please be patient with us as we navigate these uncharted waters while also tending to our children and community needs.

Stay safe and remember we’re all in this together.

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